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Explanation For Americans: Why The British Have Terrible Teeth.

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Children the world over have terrible teeth. In America there has been a long hstory of widespread use of braces for corrective purposes long berfore this was common in Britain, I suspect, Though I haven’t looked up the stats I honestly  suspect this as the US is and has long been more image conscious than Britain.

Both countires, like most societies, suffer endemic sexual abuse of children by adults. This injures them. Injuries involve the musculature, joints and the spine. Especially in the neck and temporomandibular Joint or TMJ and in the suboccipital areas. This as a direct result of oral abuse facilitated by the bending back of the head. this can result in severe injury and, untreated, in systemic compensations that cause lifelong health difficulties. These are unrecognised, untreated and belittled or written off as psychocomatic in Britain.

In America the distorted teeth growth resulting from TMJ dysfunctions and the distortions in jaw function were often corrected with braces long before in Britain. There also might be much more abuse in Britain. Thats why our teeth are like graveyard stones after years of settlement.

Abuse directly affects and causes all kinds of totally unrecognised physical injuries that might result in the psychological difficulties associated wth abuse. After all a body so injured it is out of your control and memories so harmful you don’t remember them could easily have their common birth in the immediate aftermath of violent life threatening rape: Animal hypnosis – the limp state of giving in which the victim has to assume to survive.

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