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Finding My Feet In France: Or Why Britain Stinks.

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Crossing the River Seine, heading from, the left bank to the right, I am stopped by a tourist asking me to take a photograph of himself and his family. “I’m English”, I say, “so now I am going to say ’say cheese’”, before taking the snap, which puts a smile on their faces – even though I am certain they haven’t a clue what I am saying or why. After taking the picture and exchanging a few words with him, and discovering he is from Macedonia, I walk on.

At the next bridge, as I leave the Ile de la Cite there is a man taking a picture of a young woman. He takes the photograph and hands back the camera. I had thought they were lovers but she thanks him, in English and they part, heading in opposite directions. There are people smiling and laughing in the cold but beutifully sunny and clear light of late morning.

I start to remember, having not set foot “en France” for several years, why I love this country so much. People here are enduringly polite to each other and deeply rooted on the ground and in the moment to moment reality of being, in a way the English are not. People here help each other, whist in England, the overuling principle is to help oneself, whether legitimiately or not.

Many English and Americans would no doubt disbelieve this, but then those people are stupid enough to come here without having learned a word of the French language. I have no doubt a Frenchman who walked into a coffeeshop in Detroit or Birmingham and asked for the toilet or a cup of coffee in French would find the response he got less than enthuiastic or informative.

I love France, I love the people and I love the languague so I am heavily biased myself of course. Yet having grown up in England and at various times lived in France for a total of four years, I know both countries, both peoples and both languages well enough.

England, America and the “help yourself” mentality embodied in the cultures, sytems and peoples of those countries stink. England and America in their new colonialism towards the Middle East, in order to secure political division amongst those peoples and supplies of oil for themselves, are commiting attrocities worse than a thousand Jihad Terrorists could achieve. Individualism stinks. It creates greed and a feeding frenzy of the ego that dehumanizes us and we do not even see it happening.

Since the Regan-Thatcher era, when the Iron Bitch announced there was no such thing as “society” and then set out to destroy wholesale that which she proclaimed was not there Britain has been heading steadily downhill, towards the cultural low that is “The American Way”. I can see so clearly in the light of this French day why the French are “contre” – against – everything for which that stands.

Together yet apart is the only way man can live, be it in the field of economics, international relations or even something as everyday as marriage. The me against you attitude embodied in the politico-economic domination of the Anglo-Saxon way is killing our planet. It is time the peoples of America, Britain and their followers in the world woke up to reality and smelled the bad odour of the path they follow. Total individualism and Britain, I’m sorry to say, stink.

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