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“Fortress America”, Conspiracy and the “Pattern of Stupidity” Theory.

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Tight security at airports, biometric passports and flights being turned back from Europe could convince Americans that their security is being taken seriously. They would be foolish to believe this, however, as the black hole of the USA-Mexico border shows clearly. Last year some three million illegal aliens attempted to enter the USA across its southern land border. Two million of them succeeded.

This throws into a stark light the reality of US border security: there is none. And let’s face the truth, if you were an international terrorist with a grand plan to damage the USA, would you try to fly in on a well-monitored British Airways flight, fake passport in hand? Of course not, you would fly south of the border where security is weaker then go in by land where no passport real or fake is needed.

So what have the American authorities gained by their “Fortress America” policies? Firstly, they have achieved an image of ’security’ which has been enough to ensure the re-election of Mr. Bush despite the on the ground reality. Secondly, they have gained ongoing access to an awful lot of information about what their own citizens, and legal visitors, are doing and thinking.

It’s pretty difficult not to become a conspiracy theorist in the light of such simple evidence, however, there is an explanation for these things which is both more simple and more profound. The people who have power in this world all see things through pretty much the same world-view. Their actions, which may look like conspiracy, are actually founded on common misunderstandings. In other words, there is no conspiracy, just a “Pattern of Stupidity”.

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