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Fraud And Corruption In The NHS Costs Money And Ri…

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When Joseph Cowan of The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore (RNOH) And Parveen Kumar of The Royal London Hospital Whitechapel formed their mistaken doctorly “opinions” two years or so ago that determined my physical problems were behavioural they were medically negligent and wrong. They were acting against the psychiatric advice in hand and forming opinions outside of their respective specialties, then using these opinions as reasons not to properly investigate my problems. Since that time only the doctors at the London Chest Hopsital and the Neuro-urology team at the RNOH have done the right thing.

The latest bizarre twist is my experience under Dr Mike Polkey at The Royal Brompton. When I saw him in clinic in August he said I must not undergo any anaestethic as it is quite possibly life threatening. I had to undergo the tests he was going to do of diaphragmatic dysfuntion. Even with me just laying on a couch he could identify problems with my breathing.

On Thursday, after two days in The Royal Brompton Hospital, cursory examinations of diaphragmatic function were done. On the first sniff test the clinician told me my diaphragm functioned normally. It was an attempt not to do the more reliable tests they then did undertake but only at my insistence.

Those tests showed my diaphragm, on the right, operates at as low as 50% of the expected force. This is because it is drawn down into my abdomen as part of the twisting of my lower body and is partially enervated at all times. When forced into enervation, induced by the magnetic loop stimulating the phrenic nerve, the diaphragm cant move as far as it should because it is already impacted on the liver.

Dr Mike Polkey decided to interpret the unfortunate results of this test as showing no dysfunction, beggaring belief in his ability to be downright fraudulent. This also contradicts the findings of the London Chest Hospital that my diaphragm shows “no significant difference in .. position at any stage of the respiratory cycle.”

He then said the tests had been elective which contradicted his earlier indication that they were essential and life protecting and should take first place in a number of ivestigations. “It is clear to me your physical symptoms have not been thoroughly enough investigated”, he said, in that first consultation.

Luckily a witness to the entire unfolding lie was there in the face of an intern from spain. She agreed I had been right. “I remember your consultation”, she said, “you told us your diaphragm does not work on the right side and this test shows you were right”.

When Doctor Polkey found to his embarrassment that I was not going to roll over quietly and let him get away with it he tried to unceromoneously boot me from the hospital. When told he couldn’t and that no ambulance was available until Monday he ordered hundreds of pounds of tax payers money to be spent on a private ambulance from Harley Street Ambulances to do the 25 mile round trip bringing me home, and out of his hospital, immediately.

He was either wrong and negligent in his duty of care to me when he ordered me home on the tube or he was wrong to order the ambulance and waste public money. He can’t have it both ways unfortunately for him.

The ambulance driver who took me home was telling me of a senior consultant who took four years and lots of money to prove another doctor had been negligent crippling his wife. I don’t have either to play with anymore.

Parveen Kumar, in clinic in February 2005, told me I had “been looking in the anatomy books too much” and that I should “stop focussing on my body so much”. My muscles would, she said, “never recover” even though “eveything is quite good up there really”. This was following a painful rectal examination with no anaesthesia offered despite knowing I was a victim of childhood rape.

She said during the consuultation she “would not know where her psoas was”. Which is worrying coming from such a medical god who wrote the book, and ought to know where such an important parapspinal muscle lay. Later in a letter to my GP she revealed she was not a “colo rectal specialist” and could not further any appropriate investigations.

She transferred me to a colleague after agreeing on the telephone to my GP that she would arrange an MRI. She waited a month after the phone call – a further waste of my time – to let my GP know in writing she had changed her mind and wasn’t qualified to investigate these matters.

Stupidly these people seem to think if enough of them ignore me for long enough I will quietly die and they can get on uninteruppted by guilt with their self centred lives. In that they are wrong. I’m a survivor par excellence and i’m going to pay them back, fully, in court and before the GMC, whatever it takes, to take away their right to carelessly toss away lives through negligence, fraud and corruption.

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