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Freedom – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Freedom – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Freedom – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Freedom is a remarkably imprecise word that can refer to:

  • Political freedom is the absence of political restraints, particularly with respect to speech, religious practice, and the press.
  • not being in prison, not (in particular, no longer) the victim of false imprisonment
  • economic freedom, i.e., having choices, not being subject to very many natural or institutional constraints. A monopolistic firm has more freedom to set prices than does a firm in a perfectly competitive market. One with more net worth has more freedom than one without any. See economic power.
  • being not in any relationship (be it a romantic relationship or a cooperative, for example), free to do what one wants, including starting a new relationship or having relationship tests (like one-night-stands, casual physical intimacy, etc).
  • coming of age and leaving one’s parents’ home
  • freedom of choice i.e. free will
  • the absence of interactions in physics; for example, asymptotic freedom discovered by David Gross, David Politzer, and Frank Wilczek
  • For the shorter term, being free also means having holidays, weekend, finished work for the day, having a break.

It is also the name of a British newspaper, an album by Neil Young, two otherwise unrelated songs by Richie Havens and Rage Against the Machine, and small towns in New York, New Hampshire and Wyoming.

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