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Gaza, God and Impermanance

August 16th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

The Israelis pulling out of their Gaza homes this week are poorly served by their religion. When religion leads to constant war with one’s neighbours it can not be a good thing. It is particularly true now, when the impermanance of things is clear to see, that the good book of the Jews, or the Jewish interpretation of it, is flawed. How much better served would the Jews of Gaza be if their religion said “everything changes” rather than you are the people of God and Israel is your land.

God is a projection of the fears of the human mind, a vain attempt to make certain what is uncertain and make good what is perceived to be bad. The alignment of any group of people with this projection will only lead to trouble. The alignment of two opposing groups with a slightly different version of this projection will only lead to war.

Some Jews are left bravely, or stupidly, trying to defend their homes against their own army who will evict them. These persons have so identified with the certanties of the projection that they know they are right. They are so afraid of life on their own terms that they can’t see through their own fear to the open-hearted-ness that is the core of all beings. Their own hearts and minds are so closed they can not perceive another’s being open.

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