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Global Sugar Production is estimated at 145 mln …

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Global Sugar Production is estimated at 145 mln tons for 2004/5. This would produce

given the following values

$0.20/litre production cost

1.2litre’s ethanol ~= 1 litre petrol

3.8litres per hectare

10 tons per hectare

145 mln tons divided by 10 tons/hectare production equals

14.5 mln hectares under production times 3.8 litres ethanol per hectare equals

55.1 mln litres ethanol replacing at 1.2 for 1 litres for petrol

45.9 mln litres petrol

however “People in the United States use 360 million gallons (1.36 billion liters) of gasoline each day.” from Wikipedia. So using all the sugar worldwide to make ethanol to run cars would be pissing in the wind. My figures must be out.

World: 2004/05 sugar supply and demand (11/04/04)

F.O. Licht released its first world sugar supply and demand balance for 2004/05 (Sept./Aug.). Worldwide opening stocks are estimated at 68.2 mln tons, down from the 70.1 mln tons in the previous period. World production may reach 148.0 (144.0) mln tons, thereof in the EU 20.0 (19.7) mln tons and in Brazil 31.4 (26.5) mln tons. Worldwide sugar consumption is projected at 145.5 (143.3) mln tons and exports at 53.0 (50.6) mln tons. This should result in ending stocks of 67.8 (68.2) mln tons.

(F. O. Licht, Nov. 2004)

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