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Health and Human Rights

I have a right to my health and recent attempts to beg for the money to pay for it have so far not succeeded. I should not have to be doing any of this. A total failure to diagnose and deal with my physical health problems has lead to serious decay.

Now I am having to take a very risky strategy. I have this week found a human rights lawyer who is prepared to fight for my right to healthcare. If our discusions next week go well an application will be made to court ordering the hospital to admit me and properly investigate and treat these issues. Of course there is healthcare and there is healthcare. I am concerned that by ordering Doctors to do something they do not particularly wish to do I am asking for trouble of the “oh he just slipped away under the anaesthetic” type.

Somehow that seems a better option than slowly sinking under the weight of disinterest the doctors have in my collapsing body. A better option is that a phillanthropic soul finds this website or comes across my case another way and pays for me to get the treatment I need.

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