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India Pulls Back Kashmir Troops

November 17th, 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

“India has begun withdrawing some of its troops from Indian-administered Kashmir as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh began his first visit since taking office.

A first unit of about 1,000 soldiers was seen withdrawing from the southern town of Anantnag, witnesses said.” Source – BBC

India and Pakistan are such old civilisations and neighbours even if the ‘nations’ are younger. It has always struck me as undignified that they have not done better in resolving their differences. A first step towards peace in Kashmir would be great news for everyone. It would free up a great destination for overweight spoiled western tourists to pollute. It would calm the nuclear tensions between Pakistan and India and beyond their borders. It would be one less source of trouble and the troubled in the “great War on Terror”.

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