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Infant Scoliosis: Is Child Sexual Abuse the Cause?

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Infant Scoliosis is known to affect around 3-4% of children. Often the problem is self correcting over time but sometimes not and it can lead to increasing problems. The cause of Scoliosis in infants is currently unknown. Boys are affected more than girls. Most current research is into genetics which I think is entirely wasted.

As I have described on these pages before, I grew up with only one working Psoas muscle and something of a scoliosis problem as a result. The events that caused this problem took place when I was a one year old and was repeatedly anally raped. In every picture of me as a child the twisting of my body (scoliosis) such a dysfunction caused is evident, mainly in an obviously misused right shoulder.

Infant scoliosis affects three to four per cent of children. According to most researchers in the field, some thirty per cent of adults, give or take ten per cent, were sexually molested in some way as children. Although our whole society wishes to deny the facts and the idea is surely repulsive, is it so impossible to believe that one in thirty or so children is used anally for sex when very small causing a Psoas imbalance and potentially lifelong scoliosis problem?

Whatever revulsion you experience at this theory does not make it wrong or impossible or even unlikely. The Psoas contains a Ganglia of nerves, the Lumbar Ganglia, which performs feedback and balancing between the nerves around the pelvis, lumbar spine and legs. It could be disturbed in its growing function by anal penetration at such a young age. That or mere bruising/tearing of the Psoas could easily result in imbalance and scoliosis.

In my case, we have one living example that proves this cause for my own childhood and adult scoliosis. The best in the field currently blame it on “unknown causes”. This is probably another example of the denial of truth which surrounds the subject of children being sexually misused for adults pleasure and which is as big a problem as the abusive behaviour itself.

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