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Inside Out And Back to Front

I live my life inside out and back to front. I think we all do. I think that is what the Buddha and Christ discovered. I think it is a consequence of our warped societies that upbringing raises generation after generation of inside-outers.

We look to the outside world to satisfy our inner sense of inadequecy. We tell ourselves dreams of the future and recount historical hallucinations to maintain our lack of presence in the eternal now. We do not discover ourselves and live our lives from the inate felt sense of OK-ness at the root of being. Most of us never feel that feeling.

The inducements and coersions to comply with norms of family and society beat out of us early our sense of ourselves as OK and as justified in ‘existing without doing’. We must be the right thing to fit in and it is seemingly not what we are in ourselves. So we do as we are told and put our feelings, thoughts and wishes to the side. We repress our felt sense of self.

“Spare the rod, spoil the child” may have passed away as a norm of childrearing but the domestication of our children is as complete as that of our own dogs and cats. And we would not do it to them if our own domestication was not so total. Which means for most of you what I have written here will appear to be completely incomprehensible nonsense at best.

Put simply, forget all your sense of social obigation and find out from inside what is the right thing to do. It will probably take years of practice before you can recognise, let alone master, the stages of this process.

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