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Jesus, Forgiveness, Irreverent Buddhism and Search Engine Rankings

August 18th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Search Google for ‘Jesus Forgiveness’ – without the quotes – and freedomforall.net comes a respectable fourth. freedomforall.net punches above it’s weight on search engines, considering this is a site of Buddhist based alternative views that comes tenth at www.blogtopsites.com’s Religion section.

So why does the site often rate so highly at Google, Yahoo, MSN and all the other search engines: 1st, good content; 2nd, proper meta tags in the html; 3rd, lots of links out and lots of cultivated links in; 4th, hidden at the bottom of each page in very tiny letters is a list of keywords, visible and labelled as such. The search engines seem to love it; 5th, proper submissions everywhere possible.

Other bloggers have started linking here in increasing numbers and I update the site daily and often a few times a day which also keeps the robots coming back for more. I hope oneday that the small amount of google adwords advertising I have at the side of the page or clicks on the donate button will amount to an income to keep me walking and connected with a satellite or mobile link. That’s why I work to keep it up there and keep people visiting and coming back. I also make it easy for them to find their way around and search for stuff on the site which keeps them here and refines the advertising so they just might click, throwing a cent or two my way.

And I do it all because I believe one by one we can change the world, stop the hunger, heal the sick and mend our ways and our planet. And I want to be independent of the system of forced work and poverty, based on ancient and unlawful land enclosures, that means people have no time to listen to each other and watch the way things are.

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