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Jesus, The Pope, The Eucharist and Revolutionary Magick.

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Pope Benedict The Last addressed a huge crowd in Germany at the weekend. He said particularly interesting things when he urged his congregation to stick with traditional Catholic values. He said that the do it yourself religion of modern spiritual approaches could not replace the living God of christianity.

The living God of christianity is of course the dead man Jesus. Catholic mysticism turned this human spiritual revolutionary into a glass of wine and slice of wafer but does not, in any real sense, keep this “God” alive. Jesus was, like all genuine spiritual leaders, a DIY person: “know thyself”, “the kingdom of heaven is within”, etc, etc.

It is this turning of truth on it’s head that Jesus railed against: Had he been present, he would, I suspect, have turned over the altar upon which Benedict took Eucharist, thrown the wine to the floor and stamped on the wafers. Then he might have turned to the crowd and shouted “If you don’t do it for yourself, who will do it for you?”.

It is this magick lie that is at the heart of christianity and Catholicism: Jesus was no more “God” than you are or I am. Neither he nor his name can save you, only you can do that. The attempt to make him into God rather than letting his life be a living example of a human life lead well is a political act. It may be an act of long ago and forgotten, but it was designed to reduce the revolutionary imperative that is at the heart of all true spirituality and it has successfully achieved this and continues to do so.

That is the heart of problem with christianity and catholicism: it’s all lies. And this why Benedict will be the last pope: He is a hard-liner when it comes to spiritual doctrine, which means he really believes all that nonsense, which in turn means the lies are coming home to roost.

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