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I took what is becoming a regular journey this morning, to the Chiropracter. On the journey I took some photo’s. The themes of journeying and change are very prominent in my life at the moment and the photo’s too are all about these themes.

London Taxi’s, a picture taken with an American friend in mind. London taxi’s, like red telephone boxes seem to be images that linger for Americans.

For the last ten years I have been trying body and soul to let go of the past, with no idea of what I am trying to let go of. When the past is something you can not even see, how can you let go of it? Well, there are signposts to see even when we can’t see the destination. In terms of pasts we can not see the signposts appear in our behaviour and thinking. This is why all spiritual traditions, at their core, are gnostic, or about knowing.

The Docklands Light Railway coming into Stratford Station. I take this toy train to see the Chiropracter. Why do I call it a toy train – well it is very small and short and has no driver. It feels like riding a model railway.

The signposts we have in our behaviours are like doors into knowing. We may not know why we are so angry, for example, but if we can stop identifying with the anger, stop letting “angry” take charge, we can experience it more purely. With that experience of the anger we can backtrack, eventually, by not indulging it, to understanding where the first anger comes from.

The Entrance to the Chiropracter.

Even when we see the doors we must enter it can take a long time to find the wisdom or courage to do what we know we must and go through them. There is an inate wisdom in us all which can lead us through the doors when we are ready. The development of patience and compassion for oneself are essential tools on any gnostic path. Developing them for oneself is also the fundamental model used in developing them for others.

The boat outside the Chiropracters.

All paths are destined to take us somewhere, whether we know where they go or not. Sometimes we find ourselves on paths which do not lead where we thought they would take us. This can sometimes be harmful and other times beneficial. As we ride around on the oceans of uncertainty we become more and more adept at knowing ourselves and this mysterious landscape in which we live and practice. Patience and compassion are always the keys. As long as you have these you will not castigate yourself for taking a “wrong” turn but instead accept that experience as a learning one.

The view from my window. My landlord – Newham Council – decided to hang netting outside all my windows because the people who live downstairs have a balcony that was being fouled by pigeons. They forgot they would be fouling my rights to quiet enjoyment of my home, including it’s view.

The important thing is not to get trapped in the wrong paths. Sometimes it is neccessary to backtrack a little or even go right back to the start. It is all learning. Identifying and remembering the real lessons we have learned along the way. Employing that wisdom can help us cross to the other side and escape the net of conditions and conditioning in which we feel ourselves trapped. Compassion and patience will always get us there in the end.

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