I didn’t know, when I offered my friend a home, what would come of it. Her need drove that situation forward. On her journey to self discovery and ownership, I have offered strength, courage, wisdom and friendship in addition to a safe place to be that was the original deal.

I did not expect or want or need much in return. I asked only simple things: don’t lie, steal or cheat; Use your time wisely. Those things were asked more for her sake than for mine. I have been surprised daily for the last months by the success of this recipe.

Now I get my payback, unexpected and unsought as it is. I feel very proud of my friend and the vast distance she has travelled in such a short time. Her infectious energy is rubbing off on me. People are telling me I seem happier. It is true. She has reinvigorated my sense of progress and hunger for healing. I had become more than a little stuck. She has injected 100% proof joy into my life.

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