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Ken Kesey Dead, Sleeping Soundly.

December 14th, 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

Ken Kesey is dead after all. This I am sure is news to few people except a few weirdos like myself. He was supposed to be one of my heroes so I spent a night sleeping well having deliberately not answered the question I asked of myself several days ago. I forgot about the issue for a while, largely perhaps because in the back of my mind I knew it to be so. www.pranksterweb.org have all the answers in their Kesey Bio and I thank them for confirming what I knew, I think. Although come to think of it I was seriously engaged in being a buddhist when he died so I do have some sort of an excuse. It’s hard to keep up with the news if you meditate enough. Or sleep enough. Actually it must have been sleep … it’s a timing thing.

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