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Laura, Desire and Dancing.

December 31st, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Laura, a student from Ohio caught my eye, not just because she’s quitee pretty and all that. She shares my interest in chocolate and describes her favourite books as “all of them”, as do I. And she loves drooling in the home department, which is understandable at age 24. The hormonal desire to nest kicks in about then in most women if not earlier.

I am not going to end this coming year single. Hell this one is not over yet and tonight I’m going out to hear the chemical brothers play in the new year at ‘Together NYE’ Turnmills. Who knows, the woman of my dreams, and by definition the one of whom it can be said, I am the man of hers, may even be there.

Shame Laura won’t be …. The Chems are certainly “dance-able”, and she seems very love-able. I am such a bad Buddhist: shallow, indulgent, narrow-minded, hormonal. Aaaah desire, pleasure and the inherent pain of their wthdrawal. Samsara is strong it seesms, and to escape the wheel takes an extra-ordinary exertion and self-awareness. I said eight years ago I would do it or die trying. That was before I even became or understood anything of Buddhism.

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