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London Bombings: Not Such A Huge Deal.

August 6th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

To compare the London or Madrid bombings to New York’s 9/11 attacks is not realistic the ratio of 1:100 of deaths in these attacks belies the audacity of method. New York will probably never happen again. Airline security and Airforce shoot to kill policy will ensure that.

But these bombings failed to instill much fear in London. We’re used to it. The IRA bombed us ragged for most of my life. Life here has always been punctuated with the sporadic deathcount of the bomb. We know how to win that war. And you don’t win it by being scared.

It really was just another day in a lot of ways. That may sound strange but I know it is a reaction perhaps most Londoners share on some level. I heard so many big bombs in my life, in places I was often, that this was not new.

If I, my family and my friends escaped unscathed, which is true for the vast majority, then it did not really affect me. I could have been in it. But I wasn’t.

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