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Long Time No Say

September 10th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

This is the longest period of time in the five years I have been writing on freedomforall.net that I have written nothing. It’s largely because I have had nothing to say.

The economy has taken the dump I predicted long before the professional pundits and is of a depth of recession I predicted too long before the pundits.

My health is failing fast. Despite being deliberately denied medical care in the UK, when I left the country in search of that help elsewhere, I met with only administrative nightmares. Then the Jobcentreplus cut all my benefits and the London Borough of Newham illegally cut my housing benefit.

I had to return to the UK to deal with this administrative impasse. It has taken Newham Council 3 months to admit fault and reinstate all my benefits and this has delayed urgent medical treatment for months.

When I asked them for a reasonable level of compensation to allow me to pay for some private tests and help and catch up on lost time they made a derogatory offer of £50 – despite having admitted liability in writing.

No wonder they call Sir Robin Wales, Mayor of Newham, Sir Robin “Everyone Blind”. Unlike Robin Hood, Sir Robin takes from the poor to give to his photo-opportunities.

I have never known a man so obsessed with being in every photo – everywhere possible. How he gets time for Mayoral duties with all those publicity stunts and photo shoots going on I guess we will never know.

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