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Metropolitan Police Hatred In The East End – Do They Wonder Why?

November 8th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

A very stupid police officer from the Metropolitan Police in Borough of Newham attended the accident in which my Land Rover was written off last week.

How do I know he was very stupid? Well apart from his behaviour – insulting me, a disabled and incontinent man for needing to pee after a road traffic accident and not being able to wait until i got to hospital – he stole a number of X rays and MRI scan films from my car. He Also Breathalysed me in the Ambulance in a neckbrace for which he required special permission. All this was in vengeance for my percieved wrongdoing.

The films were in the car at the time of the accident as I was on the way to see my Chiropractor to get a comparative set of films taken. I showed the films to two witnesses to the accident as I waited for the ambulance and discussed my situation with them to pass the time. So there were witnesses to the presence of these objects in my car immediately before I was removed from it. The films did not travel with me to the hospital in the ambulance and to make sure I have checked with the Accident and Emergency department and ambulance control, neither of whom have them.

Once out of the car I handed my keys to the policeman who told me he had parked and secured my vehicle before he handed the keys back. So he had access to the vehicle at a time when I was not present.

Once out of the hospital later that afternoon I returned to my car with a friend and we removed everything I wanted from the vehicle. The next day we went back to check for these X rays which were not there. I then checked with the local police station to see if they had been recorded in “book 66? the valuable property book which records all objects the police remove to secure in such circumstances – they were not recorded.

So there was one person who had the opportunity and means to remove these films – the policeman who parked my car. The only thing missing from the traditional policing picture as to how to solve the crime is motive – but the man was so stupid he even explained this to me – he was one of four officers disciplined a few weeks ago for the way he treated me and he was fool enough to point this out to me. Not happy to gain vengeance he also made his need to do so perfectly clear with his behaviour and his words.

This man should not be a police officer. He is clearly not only prepared to bend the rules in doing his job but he is prepared to commit a nasty crime potentially damaging to someones health and steal some hundreds of pounds worth of medical images.

I am unsure as to whether I should complain about this officially. I would like to. I do not like theft nor violent crime and I am called by some of my neighbours a “grass” because I am prepared to report things to the police. If I do and the Metropolitan Police fail as abysmally in their duty as usual, nothing will happen to the officer concerned save for a little telling off at best. And next time he sees me it might be in a dark alley when no one is watching. He has already shown that he is prepared to break the law, risk my health and insult another human his need to seek vengeance.

By the admission of one of the local inspectors – the one who disciplined this officer for his previous behaviour – people like me are a rarity in this part of London. There is, she said, “a generational” distrust of the police service. I wonder if they wonder why?

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