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Mind The Gap: RNOH Stanmore Doctors talk Crap

December 10th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Three weeks without internet service has been an interesting experience. My mind, always keen to be entertained bought a freeview card for my PC so it now shows thirty TV channels and plays FM radio. It wasn’t doing anything otherwise, because for me the PC is the internet for the most part. It does play music for me and films but those I get from the internet too.

I spent quite a lot of this time getting in touch with my anger. About my body, about my “childhood”, about the doctors who have screwed with my mind. The anger has been coming out in the wrong places and directions and manner as usual. I am beginning to get the knack of it though.

Two weeks ago Dr Harrison from the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore Middlesex wrote to say my spine had normal curves and was in normal health and that I could be an “anatomists model”. This week, knowing he was wrong, I had, privately, MRI scans done of my lumbar spine, pelvis, hip and rectum and cervical spine. I spent a thousand pounds because I think their crap may have gotten to a dangerous stage.

The pictures tell the story. They told me it was in my mind.

Clearly I have been well cared for in the year and a half I have been under the RNOH. They have mentally tortured me by blaming my mind for the ills of my body and therefore refusing to waste money on scans. They have lead to a great deal of timewasting and delay which has meant over a year of hell for me and dangerous deterioration in my physical state. Now they owe me £1022 for scans too …

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