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Monsoon Britain: A Taste Of What Is To Come

This summer we are enjoying a monsoon in England. Aside from the ten thousand or so homeless our antiquated water management system seems to have created, the main worry seems to be whether the weather justifies spending even more money on a roof for the Olympic Stadium.

Of course, this additional economic activity will only add to the speed of climate change but at least the two week festival will pass without an umbrella crisis. That man is so shortsighted in his activity is no surprise to us. But the conesequences are coming. For Britain, the permanent change in position of the Gulf Stream will change our weather patterns completely. We will end up enjoying a three season pattern of weather.

Monsoon will run from around the end of April until the middle or end of August. The there will be a hot season lasting until the end November by which stage it will be cooler, before a short sharp and very cold winter begins in December and runs through until March.

Our farming and crops and insects and parasites and much else will change. The pattern will enshrine itslef within the next twenty five years, and quite clear agreement that it is where we are headed will be reached in five years or so. Just around the time of the Olympics, be they roofed or unroofed.

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