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Mr. Bush Thinks “his story” Is history.

November 12th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

President Bush does not understand the world or anything around him. As I have written before this is principally because he is trapped in the unknowing of Dry Drunk Syndrome, where the uncertainties of life are concreted over by factoids and warped thinking. In Mr Bush’s world, if he thinks it, it must be true – after all no-one less than God put him in power after all.

Bush has made two accusations: that his opponents are trying to “rewrite history” about the Iraq war and that their opposition and falsehoods put American troops lives at risk.

Starting a war based on known lies about “weapons of mass destruction” is the falsehood that put American lives at risk. After the event a total lack of evidence for this “reason” for war has demanded the agenda be historically rewritten, by Mr. Bush, such that regime change became the justification for war.

Bush makes the fundamental narcisitic error we can expect from a dry drunk: he takes the word history to mean “his story”: If he thinks it, it is surely true. And then he blames his faults on the world around him and others. This is the dry drunk’s motive in becoming such a fundamentalist: Unable to cope with the realisation that it is they who are flawed and not the world, the dry drunk retreats into hard unrealistic positions that protect the fragile sense of self from collapse.

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