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No Junk Mail … No Religious … No Exceptions

December 10th, 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

Much unwanted rubbish arrives for most people in the form of email, adverts, junk mail and other forms of publicity. When it arrives through the front door it’s bad. When it knocks on it in the form of a living person wanting to push their religion or restaurant it is most annoying.

We have lost sight of the waste created to encourage us to buy and the useful purposes and projects to which this energy could better be spent. Advertising used to be beneficial when one or two far sighted people with good products used it. Now it is a cancer on society. It sucks energy from real creation and takes much more for the brain to process and usually reject.

In the information age there is no excuse for advertising. It fosters a lack of resourcefulness and continued ignorance in populations. Today if you want something or need to know something it is not hard to find out for yourself. It would be even easier if unsolicited commercial communication, in all forms, were banned.

I wonder how long would our eyes take to adjust to this world – where we did not suffer the constant psychological imperative to subliminally suppress the junk?


Click on the image, save and print it, then stick on your door. Be ecologically minded … stop the junk.

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