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Offensive Things About Christianity No. 1

December 24th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments
  • “Christianity” would make Christ explode in a fit of anger.
  • The Magick of the churches and priests is human distortion.
  • Christian people are often overly gullible

Having said this, some of my best friends … no really, they are. These nuns have Buddha next to Christ, meditate three times a day and say a church is any group who undertake similar activities. They are anti-papist, and believe the Vatican church will implode. They are also a great laugh, very human and warm and welcoming to all. Mercy at eighty will do anything in her considerable power for anyone.

Oh back to the list …

  • To be christ-like, recognising and following the example of the man, means to discard the self for selflessness and act in the interest of truth and justice for others. Few christians would understand the reality of the above sentance, let alone agree with it or aspire to it. But it was the whole point of christ’s life to inspire others to follow him through the gate.
  • Buddhists aspire to this. It is the point of Buddhism. Christ was clearly neither Jewish or “Christian”. He followed the Buddha’s way.

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