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Oh dear, it looks like I was right all along

November 3rd, 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

Oh dear. Looks like Bush has won and my analysis was pretty accurate. Its a shame really, to be right when you want to be wrong, but then better to be aware and awake than to be in dreamland.

Unless there is a big turnaround in Ohio over the next few hours, Mr Bush will be President for the coming five years (OK, OK, four and a bit). His narrow understanding of himself, human life, and the universe we all live in will cost us all. His poor decisions, narcisistic self-importance (I believe God wants me in the Whitehouse – scary) and the right wing fundamentalism of his team will strengthen and support all the trends in the world which are about the 20th century and weaken those related to the 21st. See The Turning Point by Fritjof Capra if you don’t know what I am getting at. At least now we know his tenure is time-limited. Although, come to think of it, his buddy Osama might arrange an increase in terror on US soil so severe that before the next election that he tries, and succeeds, in changing the constitution so he can play his games a little longer. Hmmn, I think I should stay away from predictions.

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