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Olympics or G8?: Explosions Rock London

The news this morning of several Bombs throughout London focused on the transport system may perhaps bring small comfort to Paris for losing the 2012 Olympics. It is not yet clear who or why but one of the two obvious candidates for reason are to highlight London’s weakness and vulnerability following the win of the Summer Olymics yesterday. If this proves to be the logic Paris has presumably been spared it’s own attack.

The other perhaps more obvious reason would be to highlight the continued agenda of terrorists right at the start of the G8 summit meeting. Although Edinburgh might have been a clearer target for this it would be much more difficult to carry out such coordinated bombings without being caught in what is a relatively small regional city in comparison. The result would be less media-worthy too and gain less publicity and kudos for the terrorists..

One of my main objections to the Olympics is the winner/loser mentality it promotes. Much fuss has been made on British television in the last 24 hours about how it is all about inspiring the children. Every ten year old in the East End of London must by now be convinced they will get a chance to go for gold in their sport in front of the world. Of course most will be disappointed if they have not grown out of their delusion over the next seven years. And even the few who get to have a go will mostly not win anyway.

This problem is the same problem of modern economics that is a fundamental driver of terrorism. Economic theory says that we all gain most by openly competing for what we desire. Nash proved it’s not true: We all gain most if we compete and collaborate, if we bear in mind our own goals and those of our community. Economics and politics have yet to square this into a practical third way that can lead to peaceful societies.

As long as the winner/loser mentality is the driver of economics, sport or indeed any field there will be losers ready to feel beaten and ready to get angry. As long as there are angry people there will be explosions and other terrorist outrages.

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