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Paedophilia: Lone Man’s Game? – No – Join the Club.

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Paedophilia is portrayed as a lone man’s game played at the borders of the human psyche and the borders of society: It is portrayed as an oddity, a rarity, a danger that comes from strangers. Many paedophiles do act alone, but they are no strangers to their victims: most are fathers or other relatives or family friends. And the majority do not act alone at all. Paedophilia is a group activity and organised business matter. That may seem strange, but let’s face it, if you are into raping children it is no stranger than selling burgers.

It seems more than probable that most paedophilia is a group activity and very socially acceptable amongst the groups that practice it. Fred West was a brothel keeper for such organised paedophile groups. He was not prepared to take the can for their actiivities which is why he “hanged himself” in prison before trial. At trial Fred West intended to come clean about what he was doing and name names. Many of these names were and are very important respectable people. Rose West’s quiet was assured: although completely deranged by her own abusive childhood she was stable and afraid of losing her life to the extent that she could be relied upon. Especially after they killed Fred.

The Sun newspaper has been running a campaign asking what kind of sick people are sending Rose West money in prison that she can binge out on chocolate. Well, where do we start? The sort of people who like to rape and kill children? The sort of people who have the power to keep their activities secret and scare those lower down the pecking order in the “club”? The sort of people who can assuredly tell Rose West they will look after her, and be believed – because of their status and power. The clients of their child brothel included people who, if the truth ever comes out, will send this nation and people around the world into shock.

Do not for a moment think the wests case is a rarity or in any way an exceptional case: the only exception here is that anything was discovered and placed before the law. Remember the famous Belgian case of Marc Dutroux? He too was capturing children and young women and using and abusing them, as well as handing them over to an organised paedophile gang. When asked why he had not handed one victim over to the paedophile ring, Mr Dutroux replied, “I did not give her because I knew that she was going to be killed”. And the Dutroux case had tentacles which lead deep into Belgian power politics – and which lead to nothing in the “bungled” investigation that lead to hundreds of thousands of belgians marching in protest.

There is quite possibly a link between these issues and the lack of medical care I have been offered for the damage caused to me by the abuse I suffered as a child. If powerful people are engaged in these activities and able, by and large, to engage in them with impunity, it is because the activity is a group activity. Perpetrators are able to call on a wide and powerful network of active paedophile connections to hide their activities, cover their tracks and, in the case of Fred West, ensure no news escapes.

It seems likely that this may be what has been happening to me: Initially there was some negligence fuelled by the fallacious view that child abuse is principally a psychological activity and has principally psychological effects (which false view is deliberately placed and supported in medicine by paedophiles). This leads to a body of either constructively wrong diagnosis or just misleading diagnosis (in the case of non paedophiles who buy the myths). If the systemic compensations I suffer are documented and dealt with the fact that they are a common response to early and repeated rape will come out and victims will start to find appropriate help and then recover. And when they recover physically they recover psychologically: putting the paedophiles in danger.

As there seems to be an intentional effort afoot to deny me healthcare, I suggest to any doctor engaged in my case that when a colleague or contact approaches them and suggests it would be professionally inconvenient for my ills to be healed they stop and think: “Am I supporting a colleague or am I helping paedophiles get away with their crimes?” Of course, neither reason is justification but as my former webhost put it:

“Regardless of whether there has been any negligence, the doctors involved are behaving in a way which seems more to do with self preservation that getting to the truth and actually putting right any wrong.”

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