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Palestine and Peace

January 14th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have written previously about the real nature of Jihad which is a personal battle against the negative influences in oneself. Thus it is my belief that Jihad is comprehensively misunderstood by those people who call themselves muslims and seek violence in the world.

The urge to violent or angry reactions towards the ‘bad parent’ of Israel, America or Osama Bin Laden is a habitual hangover from childhood. Bin Laden is Bush’s bad dad, Bush is Bin Laden’s. They are locked in a powerful divorce settlement in which the total hatred they both experienced towards their own fathers is being played out on the world and it’s people.

Islam means peace. There can be no place for violence in peace. Violence only begets violence because everything has equal and opposite reactions. This is called Karma in Buddhist thinking. It is all about causality. Man has free will however and this is exactly where he has the chance to use it. In discerning the negative influences in oneself and chosing not to indulge them but let go of them any man be he Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or Jew can be a Jihadi.

Palestine suffers more violence today. Hamas have proved that for them the war goes on. In this I believe they are doing great harm to the Palestinian people. There is a particular opportunity now for the Palestinians to prove they are men of peace. The world knows of the injustices they have suffered and is not blind to this, nor to the unjust support Israel has enjoyed from America.

With the formation of new governments on both sides of the divide the Palestinians can win this war at exactly this moment in time. Now the Palestinians can chose to live up to their name of men of peace. They will very quickly turn all the available energy to their side including America, even if Israel will never lose the open support of the USA.

If no violence is perpetrated by the Palestinians however, within a year or two George Bush will force Israels hand. He is a simple man as we all know but basically a good man. The Palestinians should take advantage of these things and chose a good simple solution to do so. It is called peace.

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