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Parveen Kumar: Apology

November 25th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

The post below required two explicit titles. This one certainly has equal weight.

“Parveen Kumar did not try and “murder” me by default – through actively encouraging deliberate failures elsewhere as I may earlier have seemed to impy – I’ve realised that now. She is a good person from what I can see. I doubt she heard of my name in between last year and perhaps very recently. I owe her an appology, as she does me, for sure. I will write her one and I am a man of my word. If I get one from her I also won’t submit to the GMC a complaint but will accept this has probably been a valuable learning experience for us both.”

“It looks like someone is deliberately stopping my medical investigation from reaching fruition however. I have some written proof of that and much other evidence and experience that is hard to understand in any other way. Perhaps Prof Kumar’s colleagues at the BMA and staff at the MDU would benefit from looking into that rather than trying to silence me. After all one rotten apple spoils the barrell, etc. And frankly British Medicine has an excess of bad ‘uns. We might want to ask ourselves why, but I will not. Speculation and extrapolation has caused distress. Not as much as the negligence, consequent injury and humiliation I have suffered has caused me – but nevertheless real.”

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