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Parveen Kumar: Medical Negligence And The Royal Co…

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Parveen Kumar is Director of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) at The Royal College Of Physicians. As such she could have done somewhat better in her consutation with me in February 2005.

* Professor Kumar conducted an extremely painful rectal examination and assured me everything was “fine” though also saying my muscles would “never recover”.

* Professor Kumar later admitted in a letter to my GP that colo-rectal medicine was not her specialty and referred me to her colleague Professor Williams for further examination

* Professor Kumar waited more than a year whilst my physical health deteriorated before admitting she should not have undertaken the initial examination.

* Professor Kumar patronised me saying “you’ve been looking in the anatomy books haven’t you” (I had not) and “we must get you to concentrate less on your body” (the opposite is true).

Since then colleagues at the Royal London Hospital Whitechapel and now at the Royal Brompton Hospital have misinterpreted findings and ignored obvious serious pathology. British medicine is either very sick or very stupid. Either these people actually think I do not have a physical problem or, it would seem, in order perhaps to try and ensure their colleagues impunity, all the doctors who now look at me see no problem. Should they confirm what is wrong with me and deal with it they will prove their colleagues previous negligence.

I have rethought some of my interpretation around these events. I suspect Parveen Kumar has better things to do than be silly on my behalf. There has undoubtedly been medical negligence involved in my case to a serious extent, some of it professor Kumars. However I think active attempts to ensure I do not get healthcare are coming from another direction. Please see this story.

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