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“Pattern of Stupidity” Theory Trademarked – Rumsfeld Trumped

December 14th, 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

Freedomforall.net has decided to copyright and trademark the “Pattern of Stupidity” Theory TM. See post below This has been decided because some damn American woman Stole my “google your fridge contents” idea and made a million bucks and a name for herself from it. I first demonstrated the benefits of the internet to fat lazy housewives seven years ago using this technique and they all bought it. Then I became Buddhist and got all these fuzzy ideas about a world of peace and justice where all men lived in harmony. After I threw my ideas of ownership out with the buddhist bathwater I got poor and hungry for a bit. That wasn’t nice – so by trademarking and copyrighting the “Pattern of Stupidity Theory” I aim to make a squillion dollars and save all the poor people from Donald Rumsfeld.

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