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Popes and Predictions

So the heir to paul is dead and “Christs” church thrown into chaos. “Who will be the next Pope?”, many are asking. For the last seven or eight years I have been making two predictions about this issue: Firstly the next Pope will be Cardinal Ratzinger. Ratzinger is prefect of the “Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith”, aka the Office of the Inquisition. He is an administrative genius by all accounts and interestingly the need for an administrator has been promoted in the last few days.

The other prediction is that Ratzinger will be the last Pope. The Catholic Church, built on lies, magic and theft, is going to collapse completely before too long. In the age we live in the truth will out. Some Catholic Nuns I know are convinced of this second prediction. But then, they are really Catholic in name alone, having placed a Buddha next to Christ on their alter, replaced services with twice daily meditation and written a new definition of “a Church”: a Church is any group of people who meditate regularly together.

So, Pope Ratzinger the last. Watch this space.

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