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Professor Williams Of Queen Mary College London University: Personal Threats Towards A Journalist.

March 4th, 2008

The article below was written by a freelance journalist last year. It was never published because the journalist was, he told me, threatened by Professor Williams (AKA “The Lying Surgeon”) of Barts and The Royal London Hospital and Queen Mary College, University of London.

You may want to ask why such a high standing professor would lower himself to threaten a journalist? Damn good question. All I know is the journalist described the threats as “evil” and the man behind them as an “evil mother fucker”. What has this world come to? My MP, Ms Lynn Brown, has said she feels powerless to intervene, knowing that Williams has outright lied to her when pressed for answers. Why was Professor Williams so scared he had to threaten a journalist? Or was the journalist lying? I don’t know the answers – maybe you do.

All I know is that once again I have been left up shit creek with no paddles in sight.

‘Are the people in control of our health selling us short? What is becoming of the NHS, an institution once the envy of the world? Is there a method in what we perceive as its’ increasing madness, or is it just madness? These are some of the questions facing one man who has taken on the establishment in pursuit of the answers.

Mathew Jee has been in and out of London’s clinics and hospitals for the past seven years. A successful businessman, he left the city in 1997 aged 31 for a more spiritual way of life. He became a chef at a top European ski resort before living and studying the Buddhist way of life in France.

It was during this period that he became aware that large pieces of his childhood just didn’t exist in his conciousness. As time went by, his body began to deteriorate and he made the decision to return to
England for conventional treatment for his ailments.

What followed was a messy succession of misdiagnosis, subsequent cover ups, internal for and against bickering between doctors in disagreement and a patient whose chances of recovery became worse as the situation became more untenable.

What emerges is a complete mis-comprehension of sexual abuse within the NHS and how the physical and psychological effects of this are mixed together by medical minds into a fusion of agitation and bewilderment, prompting one senior consultant to admit, “I’m afraid you’re just not in the textbooks, Mr Jee”, and another renowned expert, in response to Mathews pleas for treatment to tell him, “I might let you into my physiotherapy unit if your attitude improves”

Jee, 41 began having flashbacks of being raped by his fathers’ friends after a year of heavy meditation in 2000. He recalls, “Around that time I realised there was a big black hole inside me, a dark place of pain. I was really scared of remembering the abuse, because when the memories start to come back to you, as a survivor of abuse, they don’t come back as solid memories. Because they’ve been blocked out of your conciousness, you relive them.

“I was waking up in the middle of the night, squirming on my bed, unable to breathe, with my body contorted. There would be images flashing in my mind from the time of the abuse….It doesn’t come back as a fully formed memory. Because it stops when you get to a certain point of terror, you go blank; you switch off”

In 2001 he sought psychological help and was referred to the East London and the City Mental Health NHS Trust where, after two sessions with consultant psychiatrist Martin Zinkler he was told that he had a Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which on being challenged he much later changed to chronic post-traumatic stress disorder. He told Jee to put aside his claims of childhood abuse and refered him for treatment on that basis.

At the Tavistock Centre Jee was told that he would have to wait over a year for an appointment because the consultant wanted to be sure that he “really, really wanted the treatment”. Eighteen months passed while
Jee waited for an appointment for a condition which had been misdiagnosed. In the meantime he availed himself of counselling courtesy of the male rape survivors charity.

He began to seek second opinions as his physical symptoms became worse and some doctors started to come round to his way of thinking.

In a letter to his GP, one consultant maintained that, “his spine is collapsing, his neck is unstable, his shoulders are rotated round, his diaphragm is not working properly and his pelvic floor is not right either” His body had started to catch up with his mind, and the symptons were apalling.

From that moment until the present day, senior medical consultants have been unable to agree on a diagnosis, either physical or psychological and Jee has been passed on from one expert to another, in and out of various hospitals along the way. As he became more frustrated with the NHS, they in turn showed less interest in his

As Mr P Bates MRCS of the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital pointed out in a letter to Jee in January 2006, “I think the bottom line is that occasionally patients like yourself come along who do not fit any classical picture and although clearly something is wrong, we are unable to find out what the formal diagnosis is and all we can do as doctors is reassure you that this is not a serious orthopaedic problem.”‘

Apparantly the “Lying Surgeon” believes he is, and in fact he is, to all extents and purposes, above the law. If this sort of crap doesn’t worry you be careful because – as the Manic Street preachers said in their song, “if you tolerate this, then your children will be next”.

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