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Raping And Starving The Kids.

March 26th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

As long as there is a child starving or one being raped I will not stop. I know these are grand statements but I have faith in the lack of necessity of these acts. I have faith in the ability of humans to rid themselves of barbarism one by one. Its a lonely road having such faith.

And kid yourself not the chances are, if you live in a big modern city – which you probably do – kids are being raped within 100 yards of you, almost without doubt, on a daily basis. It is so prevalent that when the extent of Chilhood Sexual Abuse or CSA is finally acknowledged we will be shocked. Most researchers in the field suggest 25 – 40% as a rough guide, of the adult population ro be victims. Thats 9 million Britons.

The thirty thousand kids that die each day needlessly (thats a million a month) in places they dont read this from, makes me feel phyysiclally sick. Imagine them lining your route to work on their way to execution. That is what modern economics does. Thats the reality. We have to change things.

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