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RNOH Stupidity Under Investigation.

“… despite there being something very clearly wrong, he could find no orthopaedic reason for your symptoms.”

“… ocasionally patients like yourself come along who do not fit any classical clinical picture and although clearly something is wrong, we are unable to find out what the formal diagnosis is and all we can do as doctors is reassure you that this is not a serious orthopaedic problem.”

” … if we cannot make a diagnosis, then we cannot instigate any treatment and that really is the bottom line as far as us doctors are concerned.”

From a doctor at the RNOH Stanmore who will remain nameless as he was a very nice man given the unfortunate task of handing out official stupidity to a patient. Under the misinformation that the RNOH were trying to find out what was wrong with me and how to help I wasted more than a year of my life under their “care”. I didn’t know they were trying to “make a diagnosis” and “instigate treatment”. Given they had already admitted I was a “unique” case and “not in the textbooks” I wonder why they pretended to be looking for a diagnosis they knew was not there?

P.s any medically qualified persons who can put some of the above into our modern-rationalist medical framework and plain English language please comment.

P.p.s “… something very clearly wrong …” / ” … not a serious orthopaedic problem.” … Is it just me???

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