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Royal London Hospital Whitechapel

Being a patient here has been an awful experience. There has been a refusal to undertake the tests needed to establish what is wrong with me. In the two weeks I have been here my condition has worsened. On Wednesday in total frustration I tried to read My notes. Two nurses came at me, one from each side, to retrieve them. One of them held my arm, inflicting a minor bruise. When I read my notes I was acting contrary to the hospitals policy. In retrieving them the nurse committed the criminal offence of common assault.

In an attempt to calm the unpleasant atmosphere that followed I asked the nurse concerned if we could have a chat to clear the air. This never happened and I went to see the PALS office to chat to someone independent and be sure a record of the incident from my side existed somewhere in the system. The PALS office organised that I should see my records daily.

Yesterday at around 2pm one of the doctors on my team left the ward with my notes. Half an hour later I met for the first time the consultant I had been under for a week. The first thing he told me was that I was being discharged. There was nothiing the hospital could do for me. My notes had been lost.

The Hospital has failed to investigate the things its own doctors have said it needed to investigate. The social work team refused a discharge because of my ability to cope. I must get a social needs assessment. It may take a few days to put in place an alarm and care package.

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