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Two weeks ago I underwent the final round of testing at the London Chest Hospital. The radiologist confirmed that my diaphragm now does not move at all when I breathe standing and is obstructed on the right side when I am laying down. The Respiritory Registrar I saw suggested the cause is neurological and I should see a neurologist.

Meanwhile my hips are shot to buggery and the chances of my making a full recovery seem to narrow by the day. My spine is doing an impression of a snake being charmed. The radiologist at the London Chest made two comments of particular interest, given the history. Firstly he said he saw “nothing psychosomatic” before him. Secondly he said it was “a good thesis” that my breathing problems were caused by the musculoskeletal problems I am suffering.

I write this as, after nineteen months under the “care” of the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore, Middlesex I have no appointments to see where we go next, no diagnosis, no care plan – in fact nothing but hot air and bullshit. The last doctor I saw there was a nice man who said he would be “interested” in the results of these examinations and recommended I keep seeing my Osteopath. Personally I am more than interested as they show the RNOH lot up for the unscientific stories they have been feeding me in the name of medicine.

I am spending £100 a week on Osteopathy (which I will require refunded as it was the RNOH’s medical recommendation) and have spent a total of nearly £2000 on MRI scans over the last three months which I will also require refunded. More importantly I require and will get from the RNOH a full analysis of my musculoskeletal problems and appropriate assistance in re-aquiring as much use as possible of my body and halting further decline as much as possible.

After two years of decline following injury the following Musculatures are seriously affected: Right side no function: Trapezius, Psoas, Glut. Max, Glut. Min., anterior Scalene, almost everything in my back from my knees to my head. Right Side in Spasm: Clavicular attachment of the Sterno-Clyno Mastoid, posterior and medial Scalenes, Pec (major and minor), Diaphragm, Glut Med, more muscles in my leg than I know. Left Side no function: Glut. Med, Medial and posterior Scalenes, many muscles in my back. I can not be bothered to conbtinue … its enough. …. time to crack heads instead.

The RNOH’s clinical and legal leads need to work out between them how (a) they get themselves out of this stupid hole, and (b) do so before I am caused more permanant damage. I would suggest the clinical governance team take a look … but this is the same as the clinical team in any case so why waste time?

With compliments, Matthew Jee aka Freedom

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