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Running, Running And Sitting Still: Hyppocrates and Hypocrites

December 3rd, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’ve been on the run – or more to the point freedomforall.net has been movong home for the second time in as many weeks. The first move was simple, the second less so, and is still ongoing. If things don’t work as you expect, I am sorry. It will all come good in the end.

Having been attacked by the British Medical Establishment in their attempt to get freedomforall.net “off the air”, I was somewhat bolstered by the support of my webhost. He linked to my site, even after I had been forced to move overseas for my hosting. He said his dad worked in medicine all his life and said doctors were a “totally closed shop” and that “whether there has been negligence or not” the doctors in my case seemed to be acting to protect themselves first and foremost.

I have done much of the work now of moving to a new host and away from Blogger as my publishing engine – something I had intended for a while in any case but which I brought forward as that was the next obvious point of attack for the self-serving hypocrits of medicine. When they took the Hyppocratic oath these people should have first said “I reserve the right to ignore everything I am about to say if it becomes neccessary to put my own selfish interests first – or those of a colleague”.

There are a few tasks left to sort out. Some old posts have yet to be moved, I need to redirect all my old archive pages to the new ones by hand coding the HTML and I need to update keywords on the new system. I also intend to hand import all the comments currently residing on the Haloscan system from the old site.

Yet first I am going to take a rest. I will do some sittiing meditation and take the advice of Shantideva in remaining like a log, come what may in the guise of impulses or desires to “get this right”. My own perfectionism – a common result of surviving an abusive childhood – is just another way of running. I need to let go.

From a speech by Rajan Madhok to the Royal College of Physicians, delivered September 2003, titled “Doctors in the new millennium: Hippocrates or Hypocrites?”:

“So, has modern medicine once hailed as the greatest benefit to mankind become a
dangerous activity? Have doctors turned bad? Become uncaring, only interested in
money, professionals? Closed ranks and started covering for each other? Forgotten
their vocation, become hypocrites pretending to be true to the Hippocratic Oath?

There is no denying that there are grains of truth in all these statements. Some
doctors have continued to use outmoded practices, have not been self-critical and
made repeated mistakes. Some have been arrogant and not respected patients’
wishes or indeed the law. Some have done things for money. There have been
cover-ups too.”

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