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3D urgent scans promised 2D Routine booked.

A promised test not undertaken then reluctantly agreed after being told even if it shows something there is probably nothing they “can do”.

Scans which reveal no pathology in the UK. Read by a Russian doctor he can see the causal distortions in the neck that have evaded three scan attempts in the UK.

From these causes he deduces the problems with my body accurately, specifically those in the pelvis, hips, lower back and shoulder and neck.

Read by an American doctor they reveal the same thing and, he adds, the greatest danger is that I swallow my tongue.

Some people wonder what is going on. I soldier on. Eventually I will meet an honourable honest and capable surgeon who can understand what is happening and what needs to be done. Not that I am suggesting all those I have met to date are either dishonest or dishonorouable. That is far from the case. But understanding what is happening isn’t happening.

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