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Scientists Agree: Only Us to Blame.

December 15th, 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

“Scientists now say we are in a new stage of the Earth’s history, the Anthropocene Epoch, when we ourselves have become the globe’s principal force.” from BBC News, “Planet Under Pressure”

Fantastic news … scientists agree only us to blame. If we are the principal force shaping life on the planet (for this is what they mean) then we only have ourselves to blame for the mess we find ourselves in. The reality is that whilst the first part of the last sentance is false, the second true: Life is still shaped more by the laws of the universe than by man; The problems life is encountering right now are more shaped by man than anything. And whilst we can escape the worst of the damage we might cause by modifying our behaviour we will never escape the laws of the universe: We will not gain control over earthquakes, we will not beat the evolving nature of pathogens and we will most unlikely ever stop a giant asteroid wiping us all out. The true nature of life is, when extrapolated to the final destiny of each of us, hopeless: we shall die.

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