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Shock at The Scotsman

January 9th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

This website is more serious than funny. Though the writing may be ironic the subjects covered are often painful. Searching freedomforall.net with google on the left there are 42 references to death or dying and 5 to laugh or funny or joke.

I call it irreverent because it is – because I am. I once told the practice co-ordinator at a Buddhist centre I was “off to shit on the shrine” if she did not clean some toilets. I can not help but add a twist to the end of each story ironically pointing out some aspect of, usually, hypocrisy.

When the Scotsman printed an article in the paper and online editions sourced from freedomforall.net I was flattered. I looked forward to some more readers. That was until I read it and discovered this site was described as containing ‘a variety of news items and internet “funnies”‘.

Personally I am skeptical of the Scotsman newsdesk’s judgement. Thirty thousand children dying needlessly of starvation each and every day – my staple rant – can not rank as one among a collection of “funnies”, surely.

“The operator said his site, which contains a variety of news items and internet “funnies”, received a hit from someone at the authority who had used the Yahoo! search engine to look for “tsunami joke”.” – Quoted from City Hunts Worker Over Sick Jokes – Scotsman.com

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