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Silence Is Not Always Golden

November 23rd, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

An attempt has been made to shut my mouth so I stop embarrassing those in the medical profession whose negligence has harmed me. The Medical Defence Union, representing several of the doctors concerned tried to have my host take down freedomforall. net.

For whatever reason there has been a wholesale failure to appropriately investigate my physical health issues and provide a care plan. One of the doctors concerned originally said he took the view that there was no point taking a view on my psychology but that it was obvious my physical problems had not been “fully investigated”. This was before he turned tail in the face of God only knows what kind of coercion or argument.

According to the two osteopaths who have worked most closely and recently with me this has now gotten dangerous. One says it has put my physical health and possibly even my life at risk. The other that it is medically unsafe to attempt further treatment and that my physical and psychological well being is now at risk.

Having stamped all over my human right to health, and threatened my human right to life, the doctors now want to keep me from my human right to free speech. Silence is golden? Not when, as one web host put it “Its always the web host who gets targetted as its a way of getting material removed without a judge having to look at whether the material is true or not. In other words by threatening a web host they can get material removedwhich may actually be true but which they don’t like.”

I will shut up about what has been done to me when the damage is put right, or when I pop my clogs, whichever comes first, and not before. Either way the negligence of those persons charged with caring for my physical health care – and paid by the state to do so – will come to light.


EDIT 3 February 2017: As a measure of politeness and dignity to all doctors previously involved in my healthcare I have protected all articles naming names from being read. They will be permanently deleted should there be no further interference in my healthcare.

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