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Sixteen Thousand Children Celebrate Christmas by Dying

December 24th, 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

Once again around Sixteen Thousand children around the world will celebrate the pagan midwinter festival of the northern hemisphere by dying. Some people claim the festival to be called “Christmas” and to be the celebration of Christ’s birth.

I wonder if the dying children wonder about the other portion of humans who will eat too much food and exchange meaningless gifts made from dwindling resources that could have saved them. I wonder if they understand that it’s O.K. – this celebration is about their saviour Jesus, they do not need food for they have been fed the highest meal.

Christ, from what we know of him and were he alive to witness this sick society, would most probably be mightily angered and be liable to turn tables over and such. Understandable, given the general bastardisation of his teachings which prevails and the perversion this festival represents.

As a man who sought peace for all, Christ would surely understand the suffering of the dying child, the child who has no food or no drugs to cure a simple illness. Would he understand the egotistic glutony of “Christmas”?

Merry Christmas

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