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Stop Child Abuse Now Rally, London, 26th September 2009.

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There really is no excuse for child abuse. No abuser has a valid reason for abusing a child. Never. Yet it happens all around us and all around the word every day. It is very unlikely you do not know someone personally affected by this – even if you do not realise it.

Today in London a few hundred people joined and marched and spoke their truth, sentances of pain and stories of recovery and poems of wonder. There is no excuse for child abuse. Never.

No Excuse For Child Abuse

How is this horror going to stop? Society has to change. That was a consensus I feel. Knowledge and wisdom have to be gathered and adult survivors must take an ownership role of the whole agenda from education to healthcare.

It was good to be out with a crowd, though I was left in a lot of pain and still am. The crowd and the speakers were inspiring and noisy. A very sweet woman and her daughter left very early after the march as the child was bored , quite understandably. I really liked this lady. She had eyes that wowed me and a smile and open face that drew me in – and instantly I knew she was someone to be trusted.

Later I met a very interesting activist Minty Challis who had a lot to say about the infamous MK-Ultra program and it’s British counterpart.

The crowd thinned as the afternoon wore on and I also left before the end as I was more than exhausted. I’m very glad I went. As a survivor of sexual abuse it was a very empowering event. Families and individuals and groups came together and made one loud voice.