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Stop The War !

April 20th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

“I need to love George Bush and the FBI, they need to love Osama Bin Laden, Palestine and European “lefties”: we all need to stop the war.”

Is the above, written on the 29th October 2004, true? Is it that simple? If we all learn to love each other will peace prevail? What “love” would this be? Are there different “kinds” of love?

Questions, questions. Answers, answers: Yes – it is that simple; Yes – peace can prevail; the “love” of “going beyond oneself” to serve another is that which works; and, Yes – there are many “kinds” of “love” some are downright painful and some are purer than a vacuum in space.

You have to learn fast when you do dumb stuff.

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