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WTC7 Case Closed.

January 24th, 2009 No comments

Video sequence of controlled demolition expert Danny Jowenko’s full opinions on the collapse of WTC7

In the following video Danny Jowenka is interviewed after false rumours he withdrew his opinion were published on the Internet.

Jowenka: “Listen when the FEMA makes a report that it came down by fire and you have to earn your money in the States as a controlled demolition company – and you say “no it was a controlled demolition”, you .. your, your gone, you know? It’s the end of your, your … the end of the story”.

Interviewer: “The other people didn’t want to talk to me about building seven really obviosly because they knew what happened and they didn’t want to say it, right?”

Jowenka: “Exactly”.

Even the Swiss are worried that the 9/11 attacks could have been a politically motivated plot to control oil. Events post 9/11, i.e The Iraq war and Afghan war support this. Excerpted from an article in Tages Anzeiger (translated):

“Fire or blown up?

«Peter Forster, Präsident der eidgenössischen Konsultativkommission für innere Sicherheit, betont, dass es auch für die Schweiz sehr wichtig ist zu wissen, ob der «Krieg gegen den Terrorismus» ein Vorwand ist, um Energieressourcen zu erbeuten.»

Peter Forster, president of the Federal Consultative Committee on Internal Security, emphasized that even for Switzerland is very important to know whether the “war on terrorism” is a pretext in order to capture energy resources.

«Die Debatte um WTC 7 muss man im Auge behalten, unbedingt.»

The debate about WTC 7, you may need to keep an eye on, definitely.

«Aber die Lihop- und Mihop-Theorien sind sehr explosiv, das wäre ungeheuerlich.»

But the Lihop and Mihop theories are very explosive, that would be outrageous.

Lihop says some USA Government insiders knew and let it happen or helped it along. Mihop says that elements within the USA Government planned and executed events from start to finish.


William Cooper Murdered By Police?: Too Close to The Truth?

January 14th, 2009 No comments

Watch William Coopers videos on youtube and you will know exactly why he was blown away by the Police:

William Cooper 28 June, 2001:

And I am telling you, be prepared for a major attack. But it won’t be Osama Bin Laden it will be those behind the New World Order. I wonder what “Osama Bin Laden’s” targets are supposed to be? And if they dont … you know, if this doesn’t materialise in the next two or three weeks, it will eventually materialise, as they haven’t succeed in getting the guns out of the hands of the American people nor have they succeeded in taking our freedoms away and so I can tell you with a certainty they must do something terrible in order to stop this backlash and regain the sympathy of the mass herds of sheeple out there.

They have now succeeded in taking away many freedoms: Not just of the Americans but internationally.

Note: “Sheeple” is a term to denote people who are “sheep like” in that they follow and accept the public record of “history” as if it is truth, and fail to recognise it is a manipulated and politicised truth – in fact so manipulated that it can only be described as “true propaganda”. If you do not want to be a sheeple you need to start thinking for yourself.

William Cooper was shot dead by US Police forces 24 days after the 9/11 attacks. I have no doubt the inside knowledge and information he researched over many years into secret societies, their infiltration into world governments and their modes of operation not only allowed him to predict so precisely the nature of the false flag attacks but was also the reason this researcher into truth and freedom is no longer with us. The 9/11 Truth movement would have been stronger, earlier, with William Cooper alive.


Controlled Demolition: Explosive Detonations Clearly Visible on 9/11 Video.

January 14th, 2009 No comments

The fact that WTC Building 7 was “pulled” is well established. This is of course why the 9/11 ommission report makes no mention of building seven. The commission were directed not to examine building seven because the evidence was totally overwhelming and the explanation totally lacking.

Only three steel buildings have collapsed in all of human history due to fire – the official reason, all on September 11th 2001, all owned by Larry Silverstein, and one was not even hit by a plane. The excuse that the exploding jet fuel caused this is clearly fake. Especially with WTC Tower 2 it is clear from the video evidence that the majority of the aviation fuel exploded outside of the building causing a huge external fireball. Makes it even stranger that WTC Tower 2, the second hit, fell first, does it not? Well, it does until you realise the planes were only flown in to cover the planned demolition and that this was part of the Neo-Con Project for a New American Century’s plans. This was their new “Pearl Harbour” – and they plainly state they needed one to facilitate adoption of their plans.

This video clearly shows a sequenced detonation of explosive devices, following a line and upward diagonally towards the service floor as tower two collapsed. The explosions start well below the collapsing portion of the tower – as the tower fell at near free fall speed the service floor was blown just as the collapse reached that point. Though hit second the tower was pulled first. Watch to the end of the video as the slow motion inverted colour sequences at the end are the clearest to see: