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Want to learn to meditate? – It’s simple.

September 6th, 2010 No comments

It really is so simple and yet so profound most people don’t get it – often even meditators or Buddhists of long standing just don’t get it. But it is simple, so very, very simple.

Head on over to the forums at and sign up. You will learn a simple non-sectarian, scientifically backed meditation technique (with no bells and whistles) and get it in a short time.

If you have ever thought about meditating, you’ve wasted you’re time 😀 …. so get on your butt and do it instead.


What Really Counts? The Most Important Video You May Ever Watch.

June 22nd, 2010 No comments

Could this be the spark that starts a global revolution? Tiny Buddhist Bhutan and the economics of happiness:


Do We Create Our Own Reality With Our Thoughts?

November 13th, 2009 No comments

Do we create our own reality with our thoughts? … Yes … and no …

When we habitually think in circles those circles become entrenched patterns embedded in our neurology and brain chemistry. In this way they become reinforced and self fulfilling prophecies. Often we are unaware of this happening. Even a momentary impulse to get ice cream creates our reality, however, for that impulse may lead to reality involving us eating ice cream. In this way we do create our own reality. Ice cream is a trivial example of course – this is equally true not only for deserts, but main courses, marriages, job decisions and the whole glamut of “choices” we make.

However, we are also on a big rock flying round the sun very fast and the whole solar system is flying round the galaxy even faster .. and I know that no subconscious process of mine can make that shit happen … so in this sense there is no way “I” am creating reality with my thoughts. (note “I” is a thought just as much as any linguistic object).

We also have to bear in mind that other people are creating reality too. If a car drives into you when you are standing on a street corner it is unlikely you made it happen. More often it was that last beer the driver had that created that reality.

Although if you were on the way to buy ice cream then you played a part too of course 😉

The way to creating a healthy reality was taught by the Buddha some 2,500 years ago and by Christ and many others since. There are people today teaching these noble truths and the path to their attainment. It’s a D.I.Y thing – you can’t read your way to peace. Yet you can get there quite easily if you cross the bridge.


Buddhism And The Credit Crunch

October 28th, 2008 No comments

Buddhism tells us that we will suffer for our passions, our greed, our hatred and our ignorance. Out of ignorance of how money really works many people have seen their house price soar, borrowed money against it and indulged their passions, greed and desires. They never believed that the floor could fall out from under them as the house price bubble burst.

Well now it has burst. People will be angry at the banks that foreclose on them and literally pull the rug out from under their feet, the governments that allowed this to happen and anyone else they can pick as a scapegoat.

Buddhism tells us not to get drawn into the materialistic world of fulfilling our desires but instead tells us that by looking within and cultivating certain virtues we can be happier people whatever the ups and downs of life bring. We can develop insight – into how our minds and bodies function, how we are conditioned into reacting in certain ways and how we can, through this very insight, undo that conditioning. We can become wise and overcome our ignorance. Through understanding the roots of anger and hatred we can overcome these too.

Buddhism suggests a simple life is probably a more fulfilling one. Yet that is only true if one is awake to each moment of life and able to achieve the fulfilment of each moment. As long as one is haunted by the nightmares of the past or dreams of the future one is distracted from now. As long as one is consumed with desire or anger one is distracted from now.

There will be a lot of very unhappy people acting out of fear, anger, desire and ignorance in the coming weeks and months as the full impact of the credit crunch takes bite. Most will react like lemmings – from their conditioning. So attached to their million pound home, now worth half that, their fancy car they can not afford to run these people are failing to do now what is the only way through a credit crunch: Cut back quicker and better than anyone else does. Either that or start the credit crunch filthy rich so credit is not an issue for you at all. In depressions the wealthy tend to accumulate much more wealth whilst the poor lose what little they have.


Something Buddhist: Smiles And Sunshine Cost Nothing

November 12th, 2006 No comments

I rarely seem to be taking my usual attitude towards politics and rarer still to be writing a Buddhist inspired take on things, for which I was nominated last year for a “Blogghisattva” award.

This suffering of the body as old wounds have become raw and new ones deteriorated has taken over so much. The Buddha put Rupa first. He stopped his ascetic practices and drank a little from the bowl of life. Rupa is body and to feed a hungry body, to maintain the physical ground of being, is fundamental.

I am also a British Citizen, and Englishman born and bred. I have expectations of my fellow countrymen. Gentlemanly behaviour is always appropriate. I am known, to those who know me, from old ladies in the place I live, to close and old friends, as a gentleman. Those doctors who have done their jobs know this too. Those who haven’t know I can bite back.

Which is where my identity as an Englishman and that as a Buddhist come to a head, and Englishman loses. At the end of the day expectations lead us to greater suffering. Always. People say hope, which is a form of expectation keeps you going. It holds you down. Whether it is met and you are burdened with more earthly ties which inevitably lead to suffering, or not met in which case, generally, one suffers sooner, doesn’t matter.

So I will drop my expectation. I will attempt to carefully and fully explain that which is “wrong” with my body to doctors, for now I direly need their help. And if ever and when I am up and walking tall again, I will remove any inflamatory references from my website.

I don’t wish to fan flames. I just need a body that works. Mistakes were made. It happens. A lack of speed and grace in dealing with it can be excused. Now the time has come for things to happen promptly. My body is very weak.

Yet still I smile at everyone I see. Smiles and sunshine cost nothing is my favourite piece of wisdom.