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Sir Robin Wales: Impressive In His Anger

November 19th, 2010 No comments

I have not always had the kindest things to say regarding the London Borough of Newham and Sir Robin Wales. In a couple of instances there have been obvious corruptions on Sir Robin’s watch that I have drawn attention to. I do not know that Sir Robin was in any way responsible, however, as Executive Mayor the buck stops with him.

My personal experience of the man was very limited and still is, however, recently I heard him make an impassioned speech about the impending cuts, their unnecessary nature and the consequences.

Sir Robin surprised me with his gusto and drive – and this was not just politicking, the man was clearly speaking from the heart. His anger at the consequences for ordinary people shone through and his determination to do his best was clear. I found myself liking him and admiring his politics – which I believe are conviction politics and not the everyday convenience politics we are confronted with in this age.