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Dear Gordon Brown, Honourable Members of Parliament, Politicians, Lords, and Etcetera.

May 30th, 2009 No comments

Dear Politicians,

I am writing to get a few things off my mind. Some of you I know are in your jobs for genuine reasons of wishing to serve the public. Maybe the majority. However our democracy is broken and it is up to you to fix it.

Being in government or the houses of parliament does not just come with benefits and rights, it comes with responsibilities. You have lost sight of your responsibilities. The collaborative nature of the two party systems sets you apart from the rest of the population. This is unhealthy.

The collaboration between media, finance, the political elite and industrialists that has ruled since 1979 and the election of thatcher must end. The elected members of the House of Commons must take it upon themselves to finish the job of removing the feudal Lords from power. a second elected chamber must be enacted. The powers of the military, secret services and Government must be brought under full scrutiny.

Some people are suggesting fewer elected MP’s is the answer to the current issue of expenses claims that headlines daily. I suggest the opposite. We need to remove the unelected and have a second non geographic based second house. A house that represents the British population in all it’s multicultural glory.

Once you have done this it is time to stop the practice of off shore banking. Tax must be paid in measure equal to income by all who profit from activities on this territory called The United Kingdom – wherever they reside.

The Monarchy must go and the church must be seperated from state. The Queen must be forced into negotiation as to what she owns after the seperation and what goes to the nation. Much of the wealth she holds privately comes from the historic, anachronistic, feudal wealth her blood thirsty forebears accumulated over the centuries and through the rape of the world.

Stop the rot. Start to act. You won’t keep your jobs unless you start to act for the people.

Stop spying on us. We do not like it and it is bad for society. When Government does not trust the people the people will not trust the Government. You started it and you must stop it.

Stop playing global politics with weapons and words and Govern this country lightly and well. It’s a long job to get there but freedom has been fought over and lost so many times. We live at a moment when new technology and communication makes global peace, equality and freedom possible.

However, trying to design that behind the scenes with the global design set by bankers and bilderbergers is not the right way forward.

The New World Order has to be one of freedom and not enslavement. If you have not watched “The Obama Deception” watch it on the post below this one.

The truth is not always what it seems. It is not always pretty. Hardworking MP’s are being screwed in the media to take our minds off the global financial fraud that is being undertaken to help ensure global financial dictatorship by fewer than 300 of the worlds’ richest citizens. They think they have a right to rule us by bloodline – and with our blood, your blood and your childrens’ if needed.

Stand tall and be real.  Start demanding change. End the rule of the worlds’ global elite. start at home because London is the keystone in this. Audit the city. Change the world – for the better, please. If you don’t we will do it ourselves, starting by replacing you.



The Answers To Your Questions.

May 30th, 2009 2 comments

Must see video. Why did the financial crash or “credit crunch” happen? Why was President Kennedy murdered. What is happening in the world. If you want answers to the most serious questions facing us, if you care about human rights and freedom, please take the time to watch


Ron Paul Tells It Like It Is Part II: The Democrats and Republicans Are Controlled By The Same Dictators – Oh, And “Goodbye Greenback”.

February 14th, 2009 No comments

Ron Paul “I think policy is going to remain the same. I think foreign policy is dictated by individuals who control both the Republican and Democrat party – so don’t expect any significant change in foreign policy “.


Peter Schiff: Why Are Bankers And Brokers Getting Bonuses?

January 23rd, 2009 No comments

Bankrupt companies paying bonuses to the guys who bankrupted them, using government bail out money. Do you dig it?


Mathematically Perfected Economics: Predicted World Monetary Collapse by 2010.

January 11th, 2009 No comments


But by simply calculating periodic interest as any bank statement must, by re-borrowing interest and principal to replenish the circulation — and even allowing for the accumulating sum of debt to be (usually) negligibly diminished by factors such as bankruptcy and consumption of usually little of our production in the course of exploitation — those models not only forecast the Reagan Administration’s tripling of previous national debt, but further projected ultimate world wide monetary failure at approximately 2010 AD.

Is this why the bankers needed to explode and implode the monetary supply and economy right now? At present the money supply is expanding still as Central Banks and Governments in thrall to the robber-bankers throw money at them and their failed institutions. Some are complicit in this massive Ponzi scheme of debt-based economics, others merely ignorant that they are fuelling the fires of the inevitable collapse of consumer-capitalism.